Monday, 17 June 2013

The Road So Far

(My fellow "Supernatural" fans will appreciate the title of this post, but come fits, I had to use it!).


This is another one of those "glimpse behind the curtain" posts.  Sorry.  Had to be done.

This past week has been a total nightmare for me.  I've been in week three of fighting off a head-cold, the kids have had stuff going on, I've had stuff going on, the hubby's had stuff going on, work never ends, it's been chaotic to say the least...and yet, the show must go on right?  As it happens, the show went on (for awhile at least) to the detriment of my sleep.  Then I just got so tired, the show stopped altogether and I got into a real funk about it.  I took a few nights off, to catch up on said sleep, and hoped I'd be able to throw myself back into things.  Which sorta did and didn't work...well, it didn't work out the way I planned it, anyway.

So here's the thing.  I have written possibly about 10 maybe even 12 drafts of this story.  In each version, the story changes somewhat (a good thing, I hope - certainly seems a natural progression, as I get to know the characters better each time).  But with the current draft I'm working with, the first 15 chapters were written already and I just needed to edit them.  So I did, which inevitably changed them...yet again...and we're onto draft 13 now (or some such thing - gah!).

And then I fell into that trap that I suspect most writers do at one time or another: I tried to edit as I was writing.  Now this is just silly, for lots of reasons.  Firstly, when you write, you really need to throw caution to the wind and get the gear onto the paper (or the screen).  The editing process SHOULD BE seperate from this.  Otherwise, you get to that stage where you just can't go forward because you're too busy looking back.  So that's what happened to me - I got stuck.  And because this story has changed soooooo much during the past few months, I had no clue where I was going with it.

So how did I fix that?  Well, I took some time out. I caught up on some sleep.  I tried to get myself well, so I could concentrate better.  And - one of the best moves yet - I actually ALLOWED myself a few nights off, just to mull things over.  I ended up spending a couple of hours last night, writing up draft chapters with the key issues in each, so that I had a purpose.  I now know where everything fits into the second half of the story.  I have a direction.  I know what happens next, right up to the end of the book - and (now this is a big one for me) I know how it ends.

That may sound stupid, but I write for fun.  Sometimes I don't know how it's going to end, because I get so caught up in telling the story that I personally don't care (this is why editing is so important - you get to laugh at yourself and use the delete button and say "Yeah, I don't think so..." alot).  So important.

So what happens next? Well, I get to flesh out each chapter, according to my plan.  I don't have to stick to my plan rigidly (and probably won't, as inspiration strikes), but at least each chapter has a direction now.  Hopefully, that will make the editing process that much easier.

And what chapter am I currently up to?  That would be chapter 20.  At last.  Yay!  How many are left?  I think around 10, maybe less.  So technically, I'm over halfway there.  And it feels good.

Oh - I keep meaning to mention this.  Just so you know, the publisher has only seen the first 4 chapters and the synopsis.  They signed me on that basis, knowing that only the first 15 chapters were complete.  So really, you are all sharing this journey with me, as I edit and write and tear my hair out and rejoice and cry and basically throw everything I have into this book...and then some.

So welcome to the merry-go-round - thanks for riding with me :-)



  1. I can so relate to editing whilst writing this was my problem. I kept going backwards , re reading and re writing in no particular order and hence stopped out of frustration.

    The important thing is recognising you need a time away to regen , you're body clock will tell you when enough is enough.

    The fact that you were signed up on the synopsis and first few chapters is proof that you have a talent as a writer. Even JK got turned down a few times.

    Get well soon and let the inspiration flow naturally , wow what a journey to be on you must be very proud of yourself xxx

    1. I think that's something most writers can relate to (the whole "editing whilst writing" trap). I've had a few conversations with other writer friends over this past week, and it certainly doesn't seem like I'm alone, so you're in good company! You're right though - the important thing is allowing yourself some time away (otherwise you can't see the forest for the trees). I mean, I should know this stuff, but I was so busy DOING that I didn't see what was happening. Silly girl :)

      Thanks so much Tracy - it certainly is a journey. I'm glad I decided to write this blog, because I'm hoping that I can look back on all this and see how far I've come. One day :)


  2. Wow they signed on after only four chapters, I'm impressed....they clearly loved what they read. Hope you feel better real soon hun...
    Oh and 'carry on my wayward son' hehe (thanks for that opening, I now have the song in my head...)

    1. I keep hoping it's a good thing, Vick! And thank you - feeling a little better each day, so that's a good thing :) And..."audio virus installed". You're welcome ;) x

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Editing while you write is a tough call. Glad you found a way around that trap. Hugs.

    1. Thanks Harriet. It seems the "editing while you write" lesson is one I have to keep learning, over and over. "Can't see the forest for the trees", often! Hugs back :)

  4. I'm really dying to read the novel! I do want to know how finally Jack manages to deal with his feelings, because there is no doubt J. is in pain but he isn't able to open the box of sorrows and let them go out. He is a tortured mind. The moment of catharsis will be dramatic!

    1. That's fantastic to hear Carmen - thank you! He certainly is tortured. I hope you enjoy the read, when it comes out :) x