Wednesday, 14 August 2013


I was just thinking today - no wonder I'm exhausted.  I took a half-finished story and pushed, pulled, finished, and edited it (3 times) within 10 weeks.  Yeesh!  As much as I'm super-proud of it, it did come at a price.  My poor family - I've basically been coming home from the day job and locking myself in my studio.  Thank goodness they realised it was only a short-term thing!

These past few days have been spent catching up on family time and sleep, and I'm just about feeling "normal" again.  My body clock is slowly righting itself after all those 2am bedtimes, and I no longer have to wear a name tag to remind my family of who I am.  Things are looking up!

So, what's next, you might ask?  Well, I finished a story a couple of years ago that I'm keen to revamp and edit into my next release.  I've been thinking about it for the past few days, and I made a momentous decision regarding the format of it today: I'm going to split it into three parts.  Not three books, but three parts.

You see, the story takes place over three days - an anniversary get-together by a group of friends - and over three years.  So, I've decided to write those three days in each part, one part per year.  Hopefully this will work!  I'm hoping this brings about the character progression that I think this story needs.  You see, the subject matter is not a light one: suicide.

The story is titled "Anniversary" and here is the synopsis for you:

Danny was larger than life - right up until he shot himself.

Each year, his friends mark the anniversary of his death by meeting at the beach house owned by Danny's family.  Together, they relive the memories, both good and bad, and try to deal with the questions that his suicide inevitably left them with.  Why didn't he tell anyone what he was planning?  Why did he do it?  

Danny's girlfriend, Kate, blames herself.  She should have known - shouldn't she?  Max was the one who found him that day, and what he saw has altered his entire future.  His best friend Finn is tired of watching everyone tear themselves apart over what went wrong, but you can't speak ill of the dead - can you?  

Told over the course of three years, and three weekends, we see the effect that Danny's decision has had on everyone he loves.  It may have seemed like the easy way out for Danny, but there is no doubt about the devastation he left behind.  

Friendship.  The word itself conjures up images of camaraderie, of trust, of love.  But what happens when that trust is broken and when that love is thrown back in your face?

Over the next few weeks, I intend on beginning the editing process (once the other parts of my life are back in kilter!).  I'm aiming to finish in 2014 and will look at publication options then.  In the meantime, I'm hoping to be able to share some snippets and teasers with you!

Thanks for all your support thus far - I can't wait to share "Absolution" with you all, and hopefully "Anniversary" too!  If you have any comments, I'd love to hear them - either here on my blog, or over on my Facebook page.



  1. Oh my you're at it again - getting us all enthused about a story. Look forward to that one too. :)

  2. Woman! Seriously. I have already been chomping at the bit for Absolution and still have to wait 2 more months and now you're teasing me with this masterpiece too?! Ugh! You're killin me! ;)

    1. Lol! Well I'm glad that both you and Karen like the sound of this so far - better get your beta-readers hat all blinged up and ready to go! :-)

  3. Well you know I'm on board!! Bring it on!! ;)

    1. Woohoo! Thanks chick :-) It needs alot of work but I know it has potential.

  4. More excitement and well worth the wait .. A touchy subject too :)

    Tracy xx

    1. I like putting ordinary people in situations that test their mettle ;) xx