Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My Personal Philosophy

I often get asked how I manage to fit everything in.  Honestly?  I don't know myself.  So, in the interests of self-discovery, let me sit and think about that, while the house is nice and quiet and everyone else is in bed.

Some time later...

I guess, drilling down into it, I am an "active relaxer".  You won't (very often) find me laxed out on the couch, watching TV.  I usually do minimum two things at a time (watch TV/read a book, watch TV/do some beading, help kids with homework/do some beading, listen to music/bash some metal into shape, write/listen to music).  Often it's more than two.  My own personal sense of satisfaction comes from collapsing into bed each night and doing a mental inventory of what I've achieved that day.  I don't mind being tired the next day (hell, these days I'm used to it and expect it), as long as I've got something to show for it. 

"Geez, I'm exhausted - but look at the pretty ring I made!" or "Man, I'm shattered, but at least I finished that chapter!".  That's my own personal measure of success - getting somewhere.  Even if it's just something small, it's a step forward.

Ain't nothing so satisfying as taking a step forward!

I guess I have low standards, in a way.  I don't mind that what I achieved today was go to work, help my daughter with her new temporary hair extension (she's 12 - it's a Big Thing), start the housework (too tired to finish it), do a couple of favours for a couple of friends, clean up the kitchen and work for a couple of hours on a custom order necklace (embroidering seed beads onto lace).  That's fine - that's something, right?  Tomorrow, I'll have a whole new set of tasks.  By the end of the week, I'll have finished this custom necklace and then I can start on the pink sapphire and sterling silver earrings for my daughter's birthday.  Or write the synopsis for my new writing project.  Or tidy up my studio.  Or And a hundred other things.

Baby steps.  I just want to fall into bed tonight and know that today, I made progress - I got somewhere.  I used my time wisely.

 ~ Amanda


  1. How true to life your post is Amanda , I feel I've achieved a lot over the last few days , each day is full of new tasks , some roll in to the following day but get done eventually. Multi tasking at it's best. xx

    1. Well done, Tracy :) You don't need to make HUGE progress - even moving forward slowly is still moving forward xx

  2. I thought I was reading about myself for a minute Amanda LOL :) I'm an active relaxer and people often ask me how I manage to raise a family, keep my home looking nice, make beads and jewellery, work and study. I can totally relate to your multi-tasking, then falling into bed at night and thinking "Geesh I'm exhausted". I think we can achieve whatever we want if we set our minds to it. Occasionally it gets a little too much and I take a step back to chill for a moment.......but that usually involves doing something too.