Sunday, 12 January 2014

Procrastination Level: Expert

I had promised myself that this week I would concentrate on getting back to editing "Between Before and After".  Ha! 

Short version: I didn't do any editing.

Excuses given (in no particular order):

- I had family visiting (my cousin was here this week and we catch up in person all too rarely, so I attached myself to her like a limpet.  I'm sure she loved it).
- I started back at work (day job) this week after having two weeks holiday.
- I began to panic about the lack of reviews "Absolution" had received and resolved to fix that forthwith, by approaching a hand-picked (after many hours trawling online) select few bloggers and asking them if they would like to be involved in my (somewhat slapdash) marketing plan.  (Footnote: many of them jumped at the chance *insert goofy grin here*).
- The above took several hours (SEVERAL HOURS!) resulting in more than one 2am bedtime.
- It was hot.  And cold.  But not simultaneously.  Come on Mother Nature, sort your shiznizzle out, please!

I did, however, manage to...

Edit this lovely photo I took of Oriental Bay when we were holidaying with friends in Wellington over New Years.  (The friends in question are the people you see in the photo - hi guys!).  I was going for the vintage postcard feel.  What do you think?

And I took this photo too - the view from my writing desk while I procrastinated (does that count as multi-tasking?).

I also finished beading this necklace, featuring a removable bookmark that's interchangeable with another pendant (that's book-related right?  Right?).

Surely that counts for something...?



  1. Interchangeable book mark how neat and yes of course book. Hope you enjoyed your family catch up.
    ( Tracy)

    1. Thanks! I thought it was a wee bit nifty myself :) And yes, we had a great time with family and friends. Always nice to chillax x