Friday, 18 April 2014

"Between Before and After" - Teaser

As we get closer and closer to the release date for "Between Before and After" (scheduled for June now, if you missed it), I thought I'd share a teaser with you.  Keep in mind this is an un-edited teaser!  It's from chapter one.  Feedback welcome - hope everyone is looking forward to reading this story as much as I'm looking forward to sharing it with you :)

by Amanda Dick

**Un-edited Teaser**

"The three hour ferry ride across the Cook Strait from Wellington had been fairly smooth, as far as sailings go. Max Lonergan had certainly experienced worse in the almost ten years he had been making this journey. He had spent the time sitting as far away from the many cafes and eateries as possible, trying to distract himself by watching the horizon and reading the newspaper. He couldn’t remember the last time he had read the paper. The big wide world didn’t interest him anymore. Over the past three years, he had withdrawn from it, slowly and surely. The withdrawal was so complete, he didn’t even miss it now. Not the rush-hour traffic or the deadlines, not the planning for upcoming holidays or the latest cellphone, not even the Friday night drinks or the messy weekends that inevitably followed. No more kissing up to his boss, no more schmoozing the secretaries. Now he was on his own schedule. Gone were the suit and tie with matching expensive leather loafers. His corporate attire these days consisted of jeans, work boots, bush-shirts and hi-visibility jackets. Instead of drinks in the boardroom or a swanky cocktail bar, he had drinks in the shearing shed or leaning on the back of the supervisor’s truck. Over the past three years, his whole life had changed. He had changed. His priorities had shifted, his outlook on life had skewed, tilted sideways. The death of someone close to you had a habit of making you reassess how you spent your remaining days on this earth.
Just as he remembered, the paper was full of bad news. Disgusted, he folded it up and set it aside. He ran a hand through his brown hair, roughing it up so that it stood on end just a little bit more. He was overdue for a haircut. His usual short-back-and-sides had somehow morphed into a shaggy, wavy mass. Any kind of length just seemed to add volume. Somehow, over the last few months, a haircut had slipped through the cracks.
The smell of food turned his stomach, and he concentrated on his black coffee instead. Luckily for him, breakfast had never been a necessity. He was used to being up this early, having done a variety of short-term jobs that had altered his body-clock. Sheep shearing, forestry work, fruit picking, kiwifruit pack-houses – all ran on a different schedule to the office-bound nine-to-fivers. That was one of the reasons he had chosen to take the early run, the first ferry bound for Picton. It suited him. A shaft of guilt stung him momentarily. Maybe he should have contacted Kate to find out what ferry she had booked on. If she was flying down from Auckland to catch the afternoon sailing she usually favoured, he didn’t want to be in the position of having to kill time in Wellington waiting for her. Cities were most definitely not within his comfort-zone – not anymore. It was true what they said about feeling lonelier in a crowd.
He had meant to call her and touch base. Hell, he had meant to call all of them, but somehow it always kept falling to the bottom of his To Do list. Honestly, he wasn’t even sure until the day before yesterday that he was going to come this year. Each anniversary seemed to get harder, not easier. With the way he was feeling lately, he had purposefully kept away from everyone, telling himself he wouldn’t be good company. Yet here he was, bobbing up and down in the Cook Strait, in limbo between islands like some kind of metaphor.
His regular life – the one he lived daily – was mostly solitary, and he liked it that way. His old life, the one he had left behind along with the suits and swanky bars, also held his friends. They were the people he loved most in this world and for them, for three days, in exchange for that sense of belonging, he could pretend to be whole."

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    1. That's good news - thanks Bobbie! Really appreciate your feedback and looking forward to sharing the entire story with you in June :)

  2. I want to start this off by saying that I love how you’ve woven Max’s thoughts at the start of this. It really kinda made me think about the day to day lives we lead and wonder when it all became so complicated LOL But I also want to say I know the events that lead to him changing his life style but his wardrobe improved for the better. I’d pick jeans over an expensive suit anyday ... okay, I will continue to read now without being shallow :P

    “The Paper was full of bad news.” Aint that the truth. My Grandmother keeps coming out to the lounge room to tell us what she heard on the radio and it’s always terrible news. Mum has given her a rule. For every bad news story she wants to tell us she has to follow it up with good stories. Unfortunately they are far and few between.

    Okay, I’ve stopped prattling on and just read the rest of it.

    I loved it. I thought it was engaging. I thought that it really set the mood for how Max is coping with the loss of a friend. Everyone copes differently, right? I could really picture everything as you wrote it - where he was, his expression, his whole countenance.

    I like the fact that you can clearly see that he does love his friends, he has that want to contact them, be with them but he can’t. He clearly stops himself from reaching out. They are a constant reminder of live before that loss. You can feel his struggle and his guilt for staying so much. I feel for him.

    So all in all? I am damn exited, my friend :)

    1. Thanks so much for this - you know I always look forward to your feedback :) I know how much you cared for this story early on, so I hope you still love it after you've seen the changes I made :)

  3. Hi Amanda
    It seems to me, after reading your little snippet, that I have found my new favourite author, who also just happens to be my favourite Artisan & jeweller :)
    U are obviously a very amazingly talented lady.
    I can't wait for the release and will definitely be ordering a signed copy :)

    1. Thanks so much Sue :) I'm grateful for your support - it's a rough road out there for authors, especially those of us downunder! I'd love to sign a copy for you - mark your calendar for June :) Have you checked out "Absolution" yet? I've put a little gift in your latest order on that front...