Saturday, 18 May 2013


Leaving the characters alone this time, I thought it might be fun to talk about inspiration.

I mentioned in my first post, that the inspiration behind the "Absolution" story came from a single question:

"What if you felt so guilty about something, you ran away?"

Inspiration is a funny thing.  It comes at me from all over - anywhere, anything, anytime.  Once that seed is planted however, the fleshing out and actual writing of the story becomes something which needs constant nourishment.  The first thrill of that "eureka!" moment fades, and you need to (well, I need to) keep up the momentum somehow.

Usually, I cast stories in my head.  Having a face to put to the character helps because I'm a visual kinda girl.  I'll cast actors and actresses I like, which helps me to "see" them while I write. I think a lot of writers probably do this.  After all, we are control freaks, right?  We control the story.

I also use music.  I have an "Absolution" playlist on my iPod, and when I write, that's usually what I listen to.  Sometimes I need something a little less invasive though, and that's when I flip on my "thunderstorm" on my iPod.  I literally have a thunderstorm, complete with torrential rain in varying degrees, which I listen to while I write.  It's like white noise - it blocks out everything else and allows my brain to roam freely (scary thought, I know).  I imagine it's different for everyone, but this is what I've found works for me.

What's on my "Absolution" playlist?  Well, a lot of stuff, really.  Some of it might be predictable, some of it might surprise you.

Pearl Jam
Greg Holden
Missy Higgins
3 Doors Down
Pete Murray
Thirsty Merc
Paul Weller
Matchbox Twenty
The Feelers
Damien Rice
Bruce Springsteen
Nathan King
Brooke Fraser
Paolo Nutini
Our Lady Peace
Natalie Imbruglia
 So, how do you "manage" your inspiration?  Do you have a soundtrack, a pictureboard or something else you use that keeps you inspired and on task?  If so, please share!  I'm always open to new ideas!



  1. How fascinating! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. You're very welcome :) Nothing startling on here probably, but you never know - what seems normal to me might not seem normal to everyone else!

  2. A lovely post Amanda - it gives us an insight into your writing process.

    For me, noise is a distraction and I find it irritating to the point of madness. I often work in complete silence and my creativity is sparked by mood, colour and texture. When I dream I often dream colours and when I am overwhelmed by any type of emotion, I normally visualize it in colour.

    Isn't it interesting how our senses influence us?

    1. Thanks Bobbie :) Thanks for sharing what inspires you too, and how you manage the process (because it IS a process - it doesn't happen instantly, you're in it for the long-haul). I'm so jealous that you dream, and dream colours too! I can't remember the last dream I had, and I rarely seem to have them. Maybe I spend so much time daydreaming, there's little going on in there during the night LOL!

  3. Yup, soundtrack, casting...definitely what keeps me motivated. I've always loved that you have your Thunderstorms. I could do with that sort of "White noise" myself lately.

    1. Why doesn't this surprise me? I've always been jealous of your ability to write in a room of people - I can't do that (even though I'm attempting to right now!!!).

      Why don't you try different things and see what works for you - maybe start with thunderstorms or rain or nature noises and see if it helps. I'm currently plugged into my laptop and listening to my thunderstorm with earpods, trying to drown out the fam and "The Voice" on the telly, while I work on editing chapter 2 :) At this point, I need to grab every moment I can to work on this thing, or it's never going to be ready - and I'm stretching myself by NOT writing at night time, and by writing in a different part of the house. Talk about messing with My Process LOL!

      Good luck - hope you find your Zone - and quickly! *hugs*

  4. Hi Amanda had a little giggle at your white noise , brain roaming freely comment lol . Seeing 3 Doors Down in your players list is amazing. One of their songs" Here with out you" was on my list too and was the major contributor if you like. Wow you were lucky to get out of that car in one piece. Happened to my brother last year and he lives to tell the tale. xx

    1. Good song (although not on my playlist, I am a big fan of theirs in general!). Yes, we were very lucky indeed. Not something you forget. Hope your brother was just as lucky xx