Monday, 2 December 2013

Sharing is Caring

Writing a book is like open-heart surgery (minus the anesthetic...and the blood).  You literally open your heart and pour it out onto the pages, hoping that some of what you have written will strike a chord with someone else.  Someone you don't know (or possibly, someone you do, which is both better and worse), will pick this piece of yourself up and step into the world among the pages, a world you have created, and come out the other side having felt something.  Preferably something good, but something at least.

It's not easy and it's not quick, either.  It takes time and it takes guts - and a whole lot of effort.  For as long as it takes to write the book, your mind is somewhere else.  Even when you're supposed to be concentrating on [insert anything other than the book here], the characters and their story are always there, lurking, demanding attention.  You learn to multi-task.  You might think you're taking a break from it by going to the cinema, going for a walk, watching TV, spending time with your family, doing housework or [insert any other activity here], but deep down you realise you're kidding yourself.  Your story won't allow that.  Not at all.

So, when you take that giant leap and throw this lovingly hand-crafted giant piece of yourself out into the world, you hold your breath.  You hope.  You dream.  You pray.  Not for accolades or for awards, not for fame or for fortune, but just for the simplest thing: that someone will LIKE it.  Even better - that someone will like it enough to want to share it with their friends.  The more someones who do this, the better.  The net will widen.  The book will find "an audience". 

Did you read "Absolution"?  Did you enjoy it?  If so, please share it with your friends!  Let them know where they can buy it (Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo), ask them to pop on over to my Facebook page and say hi!  Help me widen that net, just a little bit.  A review at the site you purchased the book from would also be fantastic (or on my Goodreads page).  That really helps - and at the moment, I need every recommendation and review I can get.

Please?  I'd really appreciate it.  Truly. 

(And while I'm at it - thank you so much to all of those who have left reviews or let me know how much you enjoyed the book.  You make my day every single time!).



  1. I agree, hard work putting your self out there like that!! Well done!!

  2. I hear what your saying Amanda that giant leap of faith is the link to your book , your story , your imagination and it's audience (us) I haven't had much time to say this but well done you. Absolution is a credit to you and I look forward to buying the book and re-reading to take it in properly. I rushed through it purely out of impatience as you do but want to curl up with it and get properly absorbed. You get my drift I'm sure xxx

    1. Thanks so much Tracy. Your support throughout this whole journey has been worth it's weight in gold :-) xx